Service Opportunities:
The Gift of You

Service to our community can be a spiritual practice. Here are some of the things we are still looking for more help on from members and friends:

Weekly Verger ?– Please sign up to take a turn at one of our weekly Worship Services to coordinate set-up and take-down of equipment before and after the worship service. Contact Janet Wood, Chair of the Worship Team: ?

Visitor Services?– We need some folks to take on one or two of these fun activites:
Create name tags, send welcome notes, serve as greeters and hosts.
Contact April 738-1965.

Greeters– for people arriving for services, Contact April 738-1965

Hospitality Hosts– for visitors to Sunday Services, Contact April.

We recall the title of a video workshop – “Repelling Fewer Visitors” and remember how we felt when we first came to a new place, such as the Visalia UU Fellowship. What can each of us do to encourage newcomers to become regular visitors, to participate in discussion and activities and to consider membership? (Google “radical hospitality” for interesting and rewarding reading about welcoming strangers to our services, allowing time and space for them to decide if they could thrive in and contribute to our church community.)

The Fellowship has a limited number of greeters, table hosts and providers of other services. The greeter role is to stand by the door to welcome each person, provide name tags and special packets to newcomers, learn a little about how they found us and to introduce him/her to at least one other attendee. A host (or buddy) guides a newcomer through the service if needed, joins her/him in the dining room for conversation and friend-making. The whole congregation is the welcoming committee and all are invited to be impromptu hosts during the buffet supper.
Greeters are asked to make arrangements in advance – by signing up or by showing up 15-20 minutes early.

Other volunteers are needed to 1) make name tags (preferably calligraphy); 2) organize the name tag board; 3) input contact information into the Constant Contact database for those who want to receive the newsletter and 4) handwrite welcome notes after the first or second visit.


If are willing to take on any of these projects, please talk with April Hill or e-mail?no deposit bonus codesinfo@ no deposit bonus codes

Communications Team– new members invited to help plan & implement publicity, newsletter, social media, website, etc., Contact?April 738-1965.

Online Outreach – Help Wanted for one or two specific social media outreach tools currently used by the congregation.
See Online Outreach Job Descriptions. (PDF)
Contact Harold: 697-3525.


“Ministry happens wherever individuals embrace the belief that their good works, their volunteerism, their acts, can help serve the mission and vision of their congregation…ministry is something shared by all who are part of a spiritual community; a way to put faith into action for the benefit of the church and the wider community.”
– The Gift of You, Kathy van Leuwen, UU San Mateo